New Driver Training & NDR Practice/Setup Day

Check Event Schedule for Dates - Time: Noon - 2 PM 


New Driver Training  (cars provided) - Kids that will turn at least 7 during the current school year or older are required to successfully complete a Driver Training session to be eligible to drive a "fully weighted" car in a NDR Rally held by GHSBD. Those that successfully complete the training will receive an official GHSBD driver license. 


Practice & Car Setup Day for NDR Rallies 

  • Required for Loaner Cars
  • Cost: Free (donations welcomed)
  • Registration Information Below


Registration Information

Please email the following information to

  • Entrant's Legal Name & Age
  • Contact Information
      • Street Address, City, State, Zip
      • Phone Number
      • Email Address
  • Parent/Guardian's Name

IMPORTANT: A printed copy of the official GHSBD/NDR Entry Form with the above information filled in will be provided at registration the day of the event for entrant and parent/guardian to sign. This form will be available at all future NDR Rallies and will only need to be updated if any of the contact information changes.