NDR Rallies

Texas Top Gun Series (TTGS) is comprised of three NDR rallies; a Fall Rally, a Spring Rally and a Season Championship Race. Racers earn points at each rally they participate in. Trophies, cash prizes and series champ jackets will be awarded based on the TTGS POINT SYSTEM.

COST: $30 / Rally


  • April 21, 2018 (9 AM - 2 PM) - 2017-18 Season Championship (a NDR Rally)

RACE DAY REGISTRATION PACKET (.pdf) ...Please print, fill-out & bring to race.

Challenger Racing  (cars provided)

A fun way for new drivers to experience the Thrill of the Hill.

      • Held in conjunction with our NDR Rallies. 
      • Participants drive derby cars provided with no weights added. 
      • Driver must have previously attended a New Driver Training session. 

COST: $10

County Release Form (.pdf) ...Print, fill-out and bring to race. 

Race Results & TTGS Points:

REQUIREMENTS: This is a competitive racing series for racers that will turn at least 7 during the current school year to a maximum age of 21. Requires an official Stock or Super Stock car built and weighted to NDR RULES plus a car handler to help lift car on/off trailer and position car into starting gate. All new drivers must have attended a Driver Training Session prior to racing. A limited number of loaner cars available (must attend Open Track Test Day).

RACE FORMAT: A double elimination, lane swap/wheel swap, timer differential race format. 

TTGS 2017-18 SEASON  (all NDR Rallies & Saturday dates): 

  • Fall Rally - October 7, 2017

  • Spring Rally -  March 17 , 2018
  • Season Championship - April 21 , 2018


2016-17 Season Championship Trophies (Stock & Super Stock 1st - 3rd)
Cash Prizes: Season Championships 1st - 3rd & TTGS Champs
TTGS Champ Jacket & Cash Prize for top TTGS pts earner (Stock & Super Stock)
Rookie-of-the-Year (Stock & Super Stock) & Sportsmanship Trophies