Saturday Night Under the Lights

An Open Track Test Night for/run by Derby Families

Date / Time: Saturday, July 8 / 6:30 to 9:30 PM

Cost: $10 / driver

IMPORTANT: This is an opportunity for racers to improve their driving skills, try out new techniques, share ideas with others and enjoy an evening at the track. This is NOT a "Public Fun Night," but we do want to encourage those interested in learning about the derby to attend, observe and talk derby with us (free general admission).

Rules & Requirements:
1. Bring your own official AASBD kit car or a modified kit car OR reserve a GHSBD club car* (limited availability). NO COUNTY CARS will be available.

2. Cars can be shared and weights can be added (as per AASBD rules).

3. You must be an experienced driver. This is NOT a new driver training session unless you are providing your own car.

4. GHSBD officials have the right to prohibit any driver and/or car that they deem is unsafe and/or may damage the track.

5. Everyone is responsible for handling their cars plus helping others at both the top and bottom of the hill.

6. Everyone attending is expected to help with track set up and breakdown.

PLEASE NOTE: The response to this event will determine if future nights like this will be scheduled.

* Those using a GHSBD club car are responsible for any damages to car that may occur while on loan.